Sunday Recap May 30, 2022

This week pastor Tyler continued our Ecclesiastes series in Ecclesiastes  2:1-11, showing how true meaning and joy can be found only in Christ.

Table for Six, June | RSVP Here
Gospel Life Women, You’re invited to join with other adult women from Gospel Life church to choose one evening in June to connect over a meal together. “Table for 6” provides a time for enjoyment, interaction and fellowship while helping women in GLC get to meet and know one another better.   How does “Table for 6” work? Complete the online registration by June 5th. Each registrant will then be placed into a group of six women according to the dates she is available. Your group’s coordinator will contact you shortly after June 5th. Each group of six decides on the logistics for their own gathering.  Questions? Contact Victoria Zinkgraf at (210)240-1160.

June 11, 9am GC Leader Sync | RSVP Here
This is a monthly meeting for Gospel Community Leaders that will provide an opportunity for training/teaching and meeting with your GC Coaches.