Next Steps

how do i get involved?

At Gospel Life Church, we believe Scripture calls Christians to much more than simply attendance of a Sunday gathering. Rather, Scripture calls us to live life on mission for the sake of the gospel. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, we believe there is a Next Step for you. Take a moment to read through the ways in which you can  serve and join the mission and community of Gospel Life Church. 

NewComer'S Lunch

Are you visiting Gospel Life Church in the hopes of finding a new church to call home? Perhaps you are new to town or even new to Christianity and not sure what all this is about. If so, then our Newcomer's Lunch is the perfect next step for you!

The Newcomer's Lunch is a time for you to meet the pastors of Gospel Life Church and get to know more about our mission, values, and discipleship strategy. It’s a time to help you get to know more about us and for us to get to know you. So please, take this next step and join us - we’d love to meet you!

join a gospel community

Our Gospel Communities (GCs) serve as the primary disciple-forming ministry outside of our Sunday Gatherings. In our GCs, we seek to personally apply the gospel to our lives by continuing to engage with Scripture through sermon-based studies. These groups are also how we care for one another in gospel-shaped community.

We have Gospel Communities that meet throughout the week. Take a moment to find a GC near you!

find a place to serve

One of the easiest ways to participate in the mission of Gospel Life Church is to serve as a volunteer. We have opportunities to serve in several ministries including our Audio/Video, Children's Ministry, Design, Guest Services, Security, and Music teams. We encourage everyone who attends Gospel Life Church to work alongside one another, taking ownership of the mission to "invite those around us to embrace the good news of Jesus in all of life."

To get plugged into a ministry, use the "Find a Place to Serve" form below!

become a covenant Member

We believe the church is a community of believers united by the person and work of Jesus. Membership is important because it is a covenant between you and your spiritual family at Gospel Life Church. It's a covenant meant to glorify and honor God by loving, encouraging, and caring for one another.
Membership is a commitment to a particular church and its members, seeking to live life alongside one another in Christ and for Christ.

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