Tools to Train 1: Repetitive Reading

What would might your life be like if you:
-Read the Bible every day?
-Were able to understand what you read?
-Went to church ready to hear what you’ve read be taught to you?
-Did all of the above with the support of a while church full of women doing the same thing?

Do you think these things would be a benefit to you? Take a minute to watch our first Tools to Train video about reading repetitively. This first video explains that “what, how, and why” of reading the same passage of scripture more than once.

Tools to Train exists to assist the Women of Gospel Life Church in cultivating good habits of being in Scripture daily, by providing study tips to deepen comprehension while reading, and to increase preparedness to hear the Word taught on Sunday mornings; all the while having the support and encouragement to grow in the tools together.