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  • ChildCommitment2015

    Child Commitment Ceremony

    This Sunday Gathering will be special as we will hold a Child Commitment Ceremony to celebrate and commit to the Lord all the babies added to our church family this past year! If you are an attendee of Gospel Life Church and would like to participate in the Child Commitment

  • JourneyToTheCross

    Journey To The Cross

    Join us on January 4 as we dive back into The Gospel of Mark with our new series, “Journey To The Cross.” We’ll begin where we ended last spring in Mark 8 continuing in Jesus’ ministry on earth and covering subjects such as the last day of Jesus, the crucifixion

  • VisionSunday_2014

    Vision Sunday

    Join us this Sunday as we reflect on 2014 and look ahead to 2015 and the exciting new changes for Gospel Life Church! This will be a family gathering which means there will be no Gospel Kids or Gospel Tots classes, however, the Mother’s Room will still be available. We