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Upcoming Membership Classes

At Gospel Life Church, our mission is to advance the gospel for the fame of Jesus’ name. In light of our mission, it is our desire to draw in unbelievers, facilitate their faith in Jesus Christ, baptize them – signifying new spiritual life – and ultimately disciple them to partner with us on our mission to glorify God. For this reason, we desire that everyone whom attends Gospel Life Church would become a Covenant Member of our church body.

Membership is important because it is a covenant between you and your spiritual family at Gospel Life Church. It is a commitment on our behalf to teach, disciple, counsel and care for your spiritual well-being. It is also a commitment on your behalf to be held to a greater degree of responsibility, to encourage and edify the church body, and to serve and sacrifice to the glory of God.

Becoming a Covenant Member is an important decision – one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is our hope that God would lead you to become a part of our spiritual family here at Gospel Life Church – please pray about partnering with us on our mission.

We have two 101: Covenant Membership Classes available for you to attend. Event details and RSVP via Facebook can be found here:

February 16th:

May 18th: