Randy Benson

A native of Chicago, Randy grew up in a Christian home, received a Christian education and, by God’s grace, was saved at a young age. While he steadily grew in his knowledge of, and relationship with, God during his youth, it wasn’t until college that he more clearly understood the call of God on his life. The call was to become a catalyst to inspire change, stimulate growth, and provide direction. He assumed this would play out in the business world, as his degree was in Management.

In September 2015, Randy became a lay elder of Gospel Life Church. He now occupies the pulpit in tandem with Pastor Jon, as the church searches for a new Lead Pastor during this interim time. Along with his wife Keri, Randy also leads one of our Gospel Community groups.

Outside of church, Randy works from home as a website manager. He and Keri have three elementary-aged children: Mason, Bailey, and Charley.