Jesse Valdez

Jesse grew up in an evangelical church and had been exposed to Christianity at a very early age. Early in his childhood, during a large alter call, he recited a prayer, invited Jesus into his heart and was baptized – hardly even understanding the gospel. This would prove to be true during his high school years as he claimed to know Christ, yet openly lived a life of disobedience.

In the later years of college, he began to feel lost and astray, recognizing the conviction of the life he was living. Here he met his wife and after graduating, they were married and moved back to Seguin. During this time, he slowly began attending church again and was reunited with childhood friends with whom he became involved in youth ministry.

One night in 2008 during a drive home, God revealed to him the divine sovereignty that had been in place his entire life, leading him up to the very point he was at now – happily married, joyfully serving in his church and sharing life with close brothers and sisters in Christ. At this point, the gospel he had been exposed to his whole life vividly became real and he surrendered his life to Christ. As the years ensued, God’s sovereignty and plan to glorify Himself through the gift of salvation to His people took root and the depths of the gospel continue to be revealed.

Jesse is on staff at Gospel Life Church as the Operations Manager, where he and his wife, Marie, also lead a Gospel Community. They have two children, Ella and Ethan.