Out of Darkness

Jesus made it clear in the Gospels that those who followed him would be persecuted. For first century Christians living in Asia Minor, this quickly became evident as they suffered for their faith at the hands of an oppressive society. In a hostile environment, their faith became the object of verbal abuse and discrimination, quite possibly leading to physical harm.

For followers of Christ today, His words are no less true. We inhabit a culture that is seemingly growing more intolerant of a Christian worldview. While freedom of religion is celebrated, a simultaneous private practice of faith is expected. How is the Christian to respond? What hope do we have? Are we simply left to despair?

Join us beginning June 11 as we embark on our new series through 1 Peter, examining how God would have us respond in the midst of persecution as a humble people following the example of Christ by loving our enemies. Let us find hope in our salvation, as a people for God’s possession, proclaiming the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into his marvelous light and has given us the promise of future glory.