Malachi: Living Lives of Genuine Worship

The Book of Malachi finds God engaging the Israelites many years after their return from exile in Babylon. As has happened in the past, God’s grace elicits an initial repentance, but in time we see the Israelites are just as corrupt and evil as ever before. Not only are they stuck in dead orthodoxy, but they have turned away from God in worship, offering poor sacrifices, divorcing their wives, marrying outside of God’s people, and taking up the worship of false gods. God, all the while, affirms his love for Israel, promising not only justice to those that have rebelled, but also ensuring the remaining faithful remnant of Israel that His promises are true…the Messiah will come.

Join us as we begin this new series Sunday, April 15, and explore how Scripture reveals our unfaithfulness, yet through grace, we can live lives of genuine worship.