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Light Has Come

The Christmas season is indeed the most joyous time of the year. The air is cold and brisk, the smell of fireplaces burning is carried along the wind, Christmas lights dance on the rooftops in neighborhoods throughout the city and there is the occasional open window displaying the warm glow of a Christmas tree. Inside homes families are gathered together, plans are being made for this special holiday and there is a sense of unity and peace. All of this aroused by the idea of family, friends and time spent together – all gifts and blessings indeed.

Yet, over 2000 years ago a king entered the earth in the most humble of fashions. Not just a king, but God incarnate. This king, the prophesied Messiah, came not to overthrow the oppressive rule in place as expected, but to proclaim the Kingdom of God at hand – to serve, to restore, to sacrifice and ultimately to die. He came not so that a new earthly rule might be established, but that the reign of God in the hearts and minds of men might be firmly set in place. He came to live the perfect life we could not live and to die the death we deserved. He came so that for those who received Him, they may be coheirs in a future glory – that they would be reconciled to the Father for His glory. He came to fix what was broken so long ago. It is in this we celebrate and rejoice!

Join us this Sunday, December 22 at 10:00AM to celebrate Christmas and the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Pastor Jason will be preaching from John 1:1-14 for this special sermon – we hope to see you then!