James: Live Out Your Faith

Our culture has cheapened Christianity. A Christian used to be defined as a fully-committed and deeply-devoted follower of Jesus. In our western context, and even more so within the Bible Belt, the definition has been confused even more. Today the term is flippantly used to describe a multitude of caricatures from individuals who “grew up in church,” to those who lean politically to the right, to those who “believe” in Jesus but don’t see the need for the church and everything in between. If one thing is clear, it’s that the Biblical definition and representation of a Christian has been distorted, if not completely misunderstood. How are we to distinguish the mark of a true Christian? Are we to distinguish?

The Book of James argues that there is evidence in a life that has been transformed by the gospel. Join us beginning Sunday, February 14th as we begin our new series through the Book of James, identifying what it really looks like to be a disciple of Christ.