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In the Beginning…Grace

Please join us this fall as we kickoff our new sermon series, “In the Beginning…Grace.” This series will cover several chapters, major events and themes within the Book of Genesis, revealing how grace and the foreshadowing of the gospel was already evident from the very beginning. This will be a beneficial time of teaching through some of the foundational elements of the Christian faith, setting the scene for the story in which one day Christ would enter. We hope to see you soon!


  • 9/8: Genesis 1 (God & Creation)
  • 9/15: Genesis 2 (Man & The Fall)
  • 9/22: Genesis 4 (Cain & Abel)
  • 9/29: Genesis 6 (The Flood)
  • 10/6: Genesis 11 (The Tower of Babel)
  • 10/13: Genesis 11 (The Call of Abram)
  • 10/20: Genesis 17 (The Covenant With Abraham)
  • 10/27: Genesis 21 (The Birth of Isaac)
  • 11/3: Genesis 22 (The Call to Sacrifice Isaac)