Grace And Truth

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan famously said, “For the times they are a-changin!” This is a prophetic voice for our day. Public opinion and the cultural climate has certainly shifted on a myriad of issues that the Bible holds as true and right – family structure, love, sexuality, tolerance, and the truth about God. As Russell Moore, President of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) said, “The signs of the times tell us we are in for days our parents and grandparents never knew.” What should be the Christian response? How can we be both bold to stand for the truth of God revealed in Scripture on these important issues while engaging our changing culture with grace and love?

Join us beginning Sunday, August 16 as we wade through these lofty issues, examine them in light of Biblical truth, and examine how we can engage our culture with truth, boldness, and love.

Date // Sermon

August 16 // God is in Control
August 23 // Live in Babylon and Love It
August 30 // Bold
September 6 // Burden
September 13 // Speaking on Homosexuality