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Do you consider it a need to be equipped for battle? Probably not. We live in a land of relative peace where there is no need to take up arms to fight and defend. Some of us whom have a military background at one time may have had to fight and defend and protect. The need to be equipped was essential for the mission. I venture to say it is as important, if not more important, for Christians to be equipped for battle…a battle not of the flesh, but of the spirit. As we finish the Book of Ephesians this month, Paul brings to light this reality that all Christians need to know: there is a battle, we must be equipped for the battle and we must engage in the battle – as was King David’s cry to God in 2 Samuel 22:40.

Join us this Sunday as we begin our Equipped sermon series closing out the Book of Ephesians. Over the next 4 weeks we will examine the Biblical basis for equipping ourselves for the mission of advancing the gospel and explore some practical applications for how we can do so. We pray this will be a time of personal growth as we desire to be disciples that make disciples.


  • 7/14 | Equipped Pt. 1
  • 7/21 | Equipped Pt. 2
  • 7/28 | Equipped Pt. 3
  • 8/4   | Equipped Pt. 4