The City is a web-based social media software designed specifically for churches that we use to communicate and facilitate relationships within the church. The City is beneficial in that it allows attendees of Gospel Life Church to stay updated on news, events and needs within Gospel Life Church. Additionally, The City helps attendees get to know one another, communicate within various groups – such as your Gospel Community group – plan events, share prayer requests, send messages and much more.

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Utilizing The City

The City is one of the simplest ways to begin to connect with others at Gospel Life Church. It’s a means to facilitate relationships and communicate quickly and effectively with individuals and groups. The City provides an easy, safe and simple way to communicate various types of information on a church-wide level, within a multitude of smaller groups and between individuals.

Not Just Another Social Network

Popular social networks are geared toward individuals and their needs. While The City does help us engage one another, it is distinct in that it is geared toward groups and the needs of the local church. Whereas most social networks can tend to replace community, The City works to foster and supplement community by building relationships – connecting members with church leadership and each other.

Communication Via The City

You’ll find Gospel Life Church uses The City to communicate in a variety of ways. The leadership at Gospel Life Church will often communicate with the church body in sharing news, event information, servant opportunities and prayer requests. Additionally, leaders of our Gospel Communities or servant ministries (e.g. children’s ministry or worship) will also utilize The City as the primary means of communication with their groups. The City also allows for individuals to create topics, events, prayer requests and more to communicate amongst one another.

Getting Connected On The City

When you attend Gospel Life Church regularly, you will be encouraged to participate in one or more of our applicable Next Steps. One of the easiest Next Steps to take is creating a profile on The City. Once online, the easiest way to learn how to use The City is simply by spending time on it, browsing around and checking out all the features – not to mention the abundance of help resources. The City is accessible through the desktop or mobile site and has available apps for iOS and Android operating systems. If you find that you need additional help creating your profile or using The City, please feel free to contact our Operations Manager.