Realm is a social media site designed specifically for churches that we use to facilitate communication and community at Gospel Life Church. Realm is beneficial in that it allows attendees of Gospel Life Church to stay updated on news, events, and needs within Gospel Life Church. Additionally, Realm helps attendees get to know one another, communicate within various groups – such as your Gospel Community group – plan events, share prayer requests, send messages, and much more!

Getting Connected On Realm

One of the easiest ways to get connected at Gospel Life Church is to create a profile on Realm. Once online, the best way to learn how to use Realm is simply by spending time on it, browsing around, and checking out all the features – not to mention the abundance of help resources! Realm is accessible through the desktop or mobile site and has available mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems. If you find that you need additional help creating your profile or using Realm, please feel free to Contact Us.


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