This world can be a scary place to live in. Every time we turn on the television or open up a web browser, we are reminded of the violence, hatred, racism, abuse, and terrorism that will certainly stain the pages of future history books. Considering these crimes and their perpetrators, our minds are often flooded with an abundance of emotions – compassion usually isn’t one of them.

But, what if we were filled with compassion when we considered the wickedness of man? What if that compassion actually moved us toward action? Can you imagine actually pursuing the seemingly most sinful people among us with love and compassion, just as God pursued you through Jesus? Jonah couldn’t. In fact, when God asked him to do just that, he ran away in rebellious disobedience.

Join us, beginning April 23rd, as we begin our study of a boundless, relentless God of salvation. As we study the narrative of Jonah, be encouraged that God has invited you to be a part of His story of redemption. It’s more than an invitation, though…it’s a commission.