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Better Together

Join us this Sunday as we kickoff the fall season with our new series, “Better Together.” We are excited about this 3-week study through Romans 12 as we examine how the gospel redeems, sanctifies and transforms a people that we, together, may advance the gospel message to the glory of God! One of the beautiful graces given to us in our salvation is that we are saved to a body of believers, for the good of one another, that we may live in light of and work together in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!

Please join us starting this Sunday, September 7 through September 21, as we examine how we are “Better Together” because of the gospel.


  • Sept 7 // The Foundation of Community (Romans 12: 1-2)
  • Sept 14 // The Way of Community (Romans 12: 3-8)
  • Sept 21 //  The Look of Community (Romans 12: 9-13)