Becoming A Member

At Gospel Life Church, we desire to advance the gospel for the fame of Jesus’ name. In light of our mission, it is our aim to draw in unbelievers, facilitate their faith in Jesus Christ, baptize them – signifying new spiritual life – and ultimately disciple them to partner with us on our mission to glorify God. For this reason, we desire that everyone who attends Gospel Life Church would become a Covenant Member of our church body.

Membership is important because it is a covenant between you and your spiritual family at Gospel Life Church. It is a commitment on our behalf to teach, disciple, counsel, and care for your spiritual well-being. It is also a commitment on your behalf to be held to a greater degree of responsibility, to encourage and edify the church body, and to serve and sacrifice to the glory of God.

Becoming a Covenant Member is an important decision, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is our hope that God would lead you to become a part of our spiritual family here at Gospel Life Church. Please pray about partnering with us on our mission.


Baptism is the new believer’s initial declaration of public obedience to Christ. If you have not been baptized by immersion following salvation, this is the first step we ask you to take in order to become a Covenant Member at Gospel Life Church. The date of our next baptism is to be determined.

Attend our Connection Class

Our Connection Class is focused on the core values or “rhythms” at Gospel Life Church of gospel, community, and mission. The focus of this class is to explore each one of these core values in depth, understanding their meaning, implications, and how they play out practically at Gospel Life Church.

Our goals for this class will be:

– To teach you the basics of Christianity and the gospel.
– To inform you how the gospel forms and transforms individuals within a community.
– To help you understand how the gospel shapes your daily life and propels mission.

At the end of this class, should you decide, you will be able to pursue Covenant Membership at Gospel Life Church, not only understanding what it means to be a Covenant Member, but becoming equipped to operate as one.

Sign Membership Covenant

The final step in the membership process is completing a membership interview and signing the Membership Covenant. This will be done after the completion of the Connection Class and will provide you with the opportunity to have any questions answered by one of our pastors. Once you have completed the requirements for membership and signed the covenant, you will be considered a Covenant Member.

Click on the following link to read our Membership Covenant.

Upcoming Classes

Our Connection Class is held once per trimester. Be sure to check our calendar periodically for the next 201: Connection Class.