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2014 Vision: Do And Dare

It has been nearly two years since the launch of Gospel Life Church and change abounds. We have been blessed to become a part of the Acts 29 Network, to experience a continual increase in attendance and to see growth in our covenant membership. Most importantly we have seen individuals receive Christ and be baptized to the glory of God! In a city where church plants struggle to survive, God has undoubtedly shown His faithfulness.

Endeavoring to resist growing comfortable, we seek to push forward and gain momentum in seeing our mission succeed with ever increasing intensity.  As we consider “…advancing the Gospel of Jesus in our lives and our city for the fame of Jesus’ name” we see no room for complacency, but rather to persevere in marching forward, continuing to strive to reach those whom do not know Christ. This requires us, fueled by the gospel, to attempt great things for God believing He is able to bring redemption and restoration to our lives and our city.

A quote from Charles H. Spurgeon only seemed to affirm our feelings:

“I see God’s work in nature, and there are towering Alps, and roaring seas, and waterfalls lashed to fury. But I look on God’s work in the Church—little, little, little everywhere. Littleness is stamped upon the brow of today. We do not do and dare.

And I am inclined to think that until we see some great and daring deed attempted, and some great and marvelous thing done for Christ, we shall not see the glory of the Lord revealed, so that all flesh shall see it together.”

As our affections have been stirred to “do and dare” for the sake of the gospel, we have been convinced of this simple two-pronged approach: to gather and to scatter.

We “gather” on Sunday mornings to worship corporately as a local body of believers. In our cultural context we realize Sunday morning is likely the first point of contact an individual may have with a local church. In endeavoring to reach those that don’t know Christ, we felt it necessary to take a step towards the heart of New Braunfels – toward those we desire to reach. Beginning in late January of 2014, Gospel Life Church will now hold its Sunday Services at the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!! Our desire is to take a step towards our community – to meet in a neutral place where we can bring the good news of Jesus Christ to you. Our heart is not to disengage from our community, but rather to immerse ourselves in the midst of it – to take a step in your direction and open up ourselves to you.

Similarly, we “scatter” in what we call Missional Communities. These are small groups of believers from Gospel Life Church that meet in homes across the city throughout the week. Here our desire is to further reach the neighborhoods within the City of New Braunfels – getting to know the stories of the people that surround us, understanding their hurts and brokenness, and pointing them to the forgiveness and restoration found in Jesus. Our wish is to proclaim the good news of Jesus and to endeavor to display what it means to live in light of this good news! We desire to see these Missional Communities grow in number, expanding their reach throughout New Braunfels.

So with this, we labor to continue to reach this city. Consider this as our hand extended to you, our heartfelt invitation to come join us at our new gathering location for Sunday Services at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema beginning on January 26th. Our desire is to “do and dare”, to take risks for the advancement of the gospel. We believe God has uniquely tied His glory and our joy together in the work and person of Jesus Christ – let us share this with you.

Listen to Pastor Jason’s sermon, “The Vision for 2014” here:

Are you excited about the move to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema? If so, help us spread the word on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #DoAndDare2014.